The ROOT 73 studio was hand built by a group of sound engineers 2 years ago - it is acoustically treated and sound insulated to ensure our clients achieve exactly what they are looking for in their recording, whether it be vocal tracking or live instruments (including drums). Our recording studio caters to the highest level of artist. To date we have worked with organisations such as Atlantic Records and Black Butter Records as well as host of smaller labels and artists. We have a range of microphones and outboard equipment used in our recording sessions and our engineers are skilled in unlocking their potential and maximising their effect.

    Our acoustically treated production room doubles up as the vocal booth - with many artists preferring to be in the same room as the engineer and their friends while working. The second room in our studio is a lounge room equipped with games consoles, a TV, ample seating and a fridge - perfect for writing lyrics or brainstorming ideas. It provides a much needed second environment to artists to create freely.

    At ROOT 73, we don’t waste any session time, so you can concentrate on getting the best takes possible. Every project is important to us and we’re eager to help artists achieve their goals.