Root 73 is an artist development platform and recording studio managed by a group of young people from Hackney. Our vision is of a more accessible music industry which places more importance on collaboration and community.

We offer a range of audio services charged at competitive rates and use our earnings to pay staff and offer the same services to our development artists for free or at subsidised rates.

We welcome artists to join our artist development platform where we nurture their talent and allow them to create to the highest level. We give them space to write and record, access to high quality equipment and a wealth of industry experience, and crucially we give them time. We also offer them opportunities to collaborate with more established artists, showcase their work at concerts, and be a part of a wider community of artists who are keen to network, exchange ideas, and cross-promote.

We also offer a full distribution package in conjunction with Ditto Music which means artists can monetize their work and access the industry at a professional level. We release music to streaming platforms, organize release plans, press releases, press shoots, radio plugging, videos and artwork.